Evgeny Chalyi


Artist, designer Yevhen Chalyi, nickname (alias name) “IQ7778” was created specifically for such directions as Pop and Street art. He signs his other works with his surname Chalyi.

He was born in Ukraine in 1988. Since school times, the artist opened the ability in drawing, fine arts and the attraction to creation everything with his own hands. In the future, he wanted to become an architect, but fate ordered otherwise: he has been engaging in construction business in Ukraine and Israel since he was 23 years old, and only by the age of 30 he was able to realize his creative dreams into reality. The change of residence influenced the disclosure of the abilities.

New opportunities for creative development appeared with the moving to Berlin.

Travelling to new countries, the artist discovers new visions in creativity, is inspired by the architecture of the legendary cities, visits the exhibitions of his idols artists, is imbued with the architectural structures of famous masters.

What he saw moves the artist to the creation in Berlin in 2018, an informal concept, where the two directions of his activities are intertwined: tattoo parlor and  master works gallery.

The artist is himself engaged in the development of the design project and its embodiment in reality. The desire and passion to create something unique moves themaster constantly. The result of this we see in his work and individual style. In the design of the studio-gallery we see how classical plaster ornaments and bas-reliefs merge together with glass showcases, tables and partitions. New ideas and their embodiment in reality occur instantly! The desire to break stereotypes and passion that moves the master during his dream coming true, pushes him to creation of urban furniture for tattoo parlor from metal barrels and concrete.

Heavy concrete countertops, sanitary equipment, flower pots made by the master, look stylish and at the same time rough, thereby emphasizing the filigree of the overall perception of the atmosphere as a whole. All this is the result of the subconscious influence of urban style and contrast of the city in which the artist lives and works. The same parallel can be drawn in the artist’s painting, where he is also constantly experimenting with styles and different materials, ranging from pencil work to chemical elements and their reactions.

In a short period of time, the artist has developed his own unique styles and techniques.

The master finds himself in completely opposite directions, such as Abstractionism, Abstract Expressionism, Surrealism, Pop and Street art.

There are periods when he works on oil abstract, abstract-surreal and Pop-art epoxy paintings, which positively affects the overall perception of new storylines and the vision of works as a whole. Such a change from one art direction to another allows the master to avoid creative crises and develop automatism during the work on new artworks.

Evgeny Chalyi

The historical reaction of Pop art’s rejection of Abstract Expressionism encourages the artist to differentiate between these kinds of activities and come up with the nickname “IQ7778” for authentication of Pop and Street art.

The artist presents abstract painting combined with Surrealism under his surname Chalyi.

The desire to break stereotypes, combine incongruous things, pushes the artist to a genius idea: take as a basis for his new artworks in Pop art direction not canvas and plywood, as all of us are used to, but to use for creating of unique textures and 3D volume effects, advertising posters accumulated over the years from city streets.

Love for original textures and 3D volumetric elements – all this is the result of the master’s design skills and practices.

Dividing old posters for making platforms for future works, the master finds the perfect shapes, faces, texts for new subjects of his paintings.

Having made a preliminary collage of the background of the future work, the artist processes the paper with specially made compounds, different types of glues, sprays, different-grade epoxy resins, burns them and thereby achieves original textures and unique shapes for the future artwork.

Evgeny Chalyi

Then he he begins further work on creating new images that he sees in a particular picture…

The basis of inspiration for Pop-art works is the love to the world of fashion, legendary brands, characters from famous cartoons on which the whole generations have grown up or our favorite products from our daily life…

In all other directions, that he is working on, the artist is inspiring by the artworks of legendary masters, founders of styles and directions in contemporary art. The master connects together the expressive method of expressing the subconscious of his inner world with the subjects of his dreams, which creates a unique style and emphasizes the master’s original handwriting in modern art.